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"James & Joni: Their Stories, Their Songs"


.. chronicles the careers of two songwriting icons: James Taylor and Joni Mitchell presented in the style of Live from Laurel Canyon with narrated stories about their lives and the songs you know and love. We present a selection of songs from their vast careers; from the early days to their later hits. Join us.


"James & Joni: Their Stories, Their Songs" premiered at the MIM Music Theater in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday August 28th, 2022 to a sold out crowd. 

"Lennon & Nilsson: Their Stories, Their Songs and Tales from the Lost Weekend"


A celebration of two iconic and prolific songwriters: John Lennon and Harry Nilsson. In 1973, years after the Beatles broke up, Lennon finds himself in Los Angeles and spends the next 18 months making music (and mischief) with his pal, American singer/songwriter, Harry Nilsson; a period of time Lennon refers to as the Lost Weekend. This show explores their individual catalogs, the impact they had on each other’s work, their collaborative efforts during this period and shares the stories that inspired these unique songwriters. Lennon & Nilsson features Brian Chartrand (Live from Laurel Canyon, The Sweet Remains, James & Joni) as narrator and vocalist, Otto D’Agnolo (“Becoming Lennon”) as vocalist and guitarist, Todd Chuba (drums), Lamar Gaines (keys), Adam Armijo (electric guitar) and Mario Mendivil (bass).

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