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The Story

Much more than a tribute act, "Live From Laurel Canyon ~ Songs & Stories of American Folk Rock" is a Journey…

A journey through a special time in American pop music that pays homage to the musical legacy of Laurel Canyon. A gathering of friends for friends, and the interpretation of classic songs & stories from this special neighborhood and most important era in music… an era that defined a generation and who's relevance transcended and influenced the generations to come.

Laurel Canyon jettisons from its intersection with Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Our musical journey starts there, winds and twists its way high above the city where we find Laurel Canyon residents, The Byrds, Carol King, James Taylor, the Mamas & the Papas, Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Eagles, Jim Morrison, Neil Young and a host of other legendary talent…

"Live From Laurel Canyon ~ Songs & Stories From the Dawn of Folk Rock" features some the finest singers and most well versed musicians in the country. Singers and musicians whose take on these classic songs draw from the musical history of Laurel Canyon and its vast influence.

Please Join us, “Live From Laurel Canyon” for a trip back in time and and a journey to the future…


Live From Laurel Canyon on 3TV | Phoenix

Show Dates

7.18.15 9P- Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix
7.18.15 7P- Musical Instrument Museum, PhoenixSOLD OUT
12.30.14 9P- Musical Instrument Museum, PhoenixSOLD OUT
12.30.14 7P- Musical Instrument Museum, PhoenixSOLD OUT
8.10.14- Musical Instrument Museum, PhoenixSOLD OUT
3.27.14- Musical Instrument Museum, PhoenixSOLD OUT
12.29.13- Musical Instrument Museum, PhoenixSOLD OUT
11.9.13- Desert Mountain, ScottsdaleSOLD OUT
3.5.13- Desert Mountain, ScottsdaleSOLD OUT



Plugging into Phoenix: Live From Laurel Canyon at MIM

"Live from Laurel Canyon’ was one of the most successful concerts ever presented at Desert Mountain. Brian Chartrand, Khani Cole, Mat Weddle and the musicians overwhelmed the soldout crowd. The positive member response in the days that followed is a true testament to this amazing show and production!"
      -- Desert Mountain

"(Live From Laurel Canyon) was a beautiful show. The arrangements and the vocal harmonies and blend were remarkable and stunning. And the history of the artists and songs was fascinating. Looking forward to having you perform here again."
      -- MIM Music Theater

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